After my marriage of 15 years was coming to an end, I needed help, real help.  I realised I was not strong enough to cope alone, with 3 resident children, court hearings, & the financial upheaval on the radar. I had been recommended Sarah, but felt very unconvinced that therapy could help, but I managed to pluck up the courage to call & make an appointment. I later appreciated that this was my most significant & positive step forward. Even after the first session I began to realise that I could deal with this traumatic experience more effectively with support. I felt Sarah listened to me in a way that none of my family or friends had been able to, she simply understood me.  Sarah’s natural empathy & insight helped me deal with the real aspects of my situation. I regularly see her for a ‘top up’ of confidence and a recharge of positive attitude, best money I have spent

Managing Director 45years

I know that the iMA Coaching process Sarah introduced to me was responsible for my interview success. I now have the job I have always wanted. Sarah educated me as to how & why I was reacting in a negative pattern. I learnt how to manage my anger, become less defensive & adopted a new language. Colleagues & my family have started to understand me more. Sarah’s approach has opened my eyes to a more confident & enjoyable way of living my life rather than just existing

IT Consultant

I thought my sessions with Sarah were invaluable, I learnt very quickly with a combination of counselling & iMA coaching how to identify & overcome my anxiety & panic at work. Sarah gave me simple tasks to work on in between sessions, which just made perfect sense.  I am so much happier & more in control of my emotions, it’s brilliant!

HR Manager

For the first time in my life, I genuinely felt listened to and understood. Feeling really heard at that level  was itself significantly powerful. I was experiencing issues that I found were difficult to define. Sarah was very helpful in unravelling these and worked together with me to identify what I found important, and how to implement these values into my life. Sarah created a safe and trusting environment in which I could express myself freely. It gave me the opportunity to explore the roots of my problems and enabled me to gain insight into past destructive behaviours and patterns.

PR Director

I felt so stuck & depressed about my University experience.  I was being constantly reminded by my parents that I should be happy & these were meant to be the best years of my life.  I saw Sarah for just  4 sessions over the Xmas holidays & managed to turn my whole attitude around. I don’t think I could have finished my degree without her. She was so approachable & easy to open up to & the whole therapy experience was much more informal & relaxed than I anticipated.”

Bristol University Student 

As the owner of a long established company with a proven success record, I felt the time had come to move my business to another level, but my employees were resistant to change & what I needed to implement. I had heard of Sarah’s management coaching & iMA Strategies so decided to invest in the concept. Sarah quickly taught me that the key to any successful business is the people. Sarah assessed all of my staff using a simple questionnaire. From this feedback everyone was taught how maximise their strengths, focus on our personal areas of expertise, but most importantly we learnt to communicate better, so we pulled together as a team.  Investing in my business this way has paid massive dividends. Thank you Sarah, I wish I had known about this, years ago, everyone is so much more upbeat!

Financial Advisor

Sarah was so flexible in her approach with my family as a group & individually, we always felt we were in confidential professional hands.  As Mum of 4, I had almost given up all hope of fixing our issues; life at home was stressful & sad, following the death of my husband a number of years ago.  Sarah’s empathy, belief & energy rubbed off & motivated even my teenagers to start living again; as a result we have all found our fun & laughter again.


Sarah helped me get to the core of my relationship issues so quickly. I finally let go of some very old toxic beliefs, my attitude & outlook on life have completely changed. I now feel so energised & confident about my future.

 Property Investment Partner

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